Who’s Your Mama?

Who’s Your Mama?

I may not be a Mom myself, but I know enough about my Mom and so many other Mother figures in my life to know that they're pretty amazing. With Mother's Day just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share my top 5 kinds of Moms I’ve seen in the wild and share why they deserve some serious self-care spoiling.

The “Supermom”

We all know her. She’s the one who manages to juggle a full-time job, take care of the kids, cook dinner every night, and still find time to hit the gym. This mom is a superhero, but even superheroes need a break. Spoil her with a spa day or a weekend away from the chaos. Let her unwind and recharge, because even Supermom needs to relax and recharge her batteries.

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The “Helicopter Mom”

She’s always got an eye on her kids, making sure they’re okay, and she’s usually the first one to jump in when something goes wrong. This mom needs some alone time, away from the constant worry and stress of motherhood. Send her on a solo vacation, or just give her a day off to do whatever she wants, guilt-free. A little bit of “me time” will do wonders for her mental health.

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The “Pinterest Mom”

She’s the one who always has the most elaborate birthday parties, the cutest DIY crafts, and the best-looking baked goods. This is my Mom, if Pinterest was a thing in the 80’s. While her creativity is certainly admirable, it can also be exhausting. Treat her to a class or workshop where she can learn a new skill or take her to a fancy restaurant where she doesn't have to worry about cooking or decorating.

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The “Chill Mom”

She's the opposite of the Helicopter Mom, often giving her kids more independence and freedom. While this can be great, sometimes she needs a little push to focus on herself. Help her find a hobby or activity that she enjoys and give her the time and space to pursue it. Whether it's painting, yoga, or gardening, encourage her to find something that brings her joy.

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The “Career Mom”

This mom is a master of balancing work and family life. She works long hours to provide for her family, but often feels guilty about missing out on important moments. Show her some appreciation by planning a surprise family outing or just taking over some of her daily tasks for a day. Let her know that she's doing a great job and that she's appreciated.

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Remember, being a mom is a tough job, and they all deserve a little bit of pampering every once in a while. Shop all of our gift sets to spoil Mom with selfcare. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

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