About Us

In the desert, only the fierce thrive. It is our mission to celebrate the resilience of desert-dwellers and serve those who want to ease into an eco-chic lifestyle with radiant skin.

Concentrated Hydration

Earth Based Body delivers dry skin solutions rooted in the most hydrating ingredients on earth. These just happen to be native to the Sonoran Desert. The concentrated power of desert-derived ingredients produce highly effective natural skin care.

Our moisturizing collection of succulent skincare is powered by concentrated ingredients because it would be wasteful to include anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. Our approach conserves water and gives you more sumptuous product per ounce.

Meet the Founders

A couple of blondes walk into a Scottsdale spa and leave with a new brand. Have you heard that story? For Nancy and Christina, creating Earth Based Body was a thunderclap moment that organically grew from a conversation that revolved around their love of the Arizona desert and natural skincare.

Nancy is a Chicago native who was drawn to the mythical desert from an early age when visiting with family. Her connection grew with each visit, and she finally took the leap and moved to Arizona to experience the desert every day. True to her maximalist vibe, she now lives the Earth Based Body lifestyle with her husband, surrounded by an obnoxious amount of original artwork collected through their travels. 

Christina is a long time Tucson resident and skincare scientist who prefers to be found in the lab. Her love affair with natural skincare began while searching for better ingredients when her skin reacted negatively to certain chemicals. She turned to desert ingredients and their ability to withstand harsh conditions which concentrates nutrient and moisture retaining properties. Her passion for creating effective natural skincare is matched only by her love for her son and family who inspire her every day.

Channeling their collective talents, this duo created Earth Based Body to consistently bring you succulent skincare through the dry skin solutions the Sonoran Desert naturally offer.

We invite you to get grounded and stay wild with one less thing to worry about.

The Collection

Our luscious body creams, smoothing hand cream, and hydrating beauty balms are intentionally made to transform skin and reveal your inner radiance.

Each ingredient, each recipe, and each product we make has been created to channel the power of the desert to serve your skincare needs.