Sustainable Skincare in Eco-Tubes

Sustainable Skincare in Eco-Tubes

Hey desert dwellers and skincare aficionados! Let's spice up our chat about sustainable packaging, because guess what? Our sugar cane eco tubes are not just green, they're the eco-royalty of body cream containers!

Made with Love

Upgrading to eco-tubes is just the latest step we're taking toward making our energy footprint as small as possible. Starting with this new packaging, Earth Based Body creams are now housed in eco tubes made from sustainably farmed sugar cane. Yep, you heard it right! We're talking about the good stuff—sugar cane that's grown with love and care, making sure our Earth stays happy and healthy.

Now, let's dive into why these tubes are the MVPs of eco-fabulousness. First off, they're BPA-free wonders! No nasties here, just pure, clean vibes for your skin. BPA who? Exactly.

Gimme Sugar!

And the sustainability game? Oh, it's strong! The sugar cane used for these tubes comes from farms that are all about responsible, eco-friendly practices. We're talking about a renewable resource that's grown with respect for nature, ensuring that every tube is a step towards a greener planet.

Each of our Mini Body Creams AND our cult-status Rose Glow Hand Cream are not only sold in the sugarcane tubes, but they also feature new original watercolor artwork from 

It's an Eco-Party

But wait, there's more to this eco-party. These tubes aren't just kind to the Earth; they're also robust defenders of your favorite creams. Sturdy, durable, and ready to roll—no spills, no mess, just the goodness of your skincare routine.

And let's not forget the compost dance! Once you've squeezed out every drop of that luscious body cream, these tubes happily bid farewell in the compost bin. They're biodegradable champs, leaving behind no trace of environmental guilt.

Sustainably Yours

In a nutshell, our sugar cane eco tubes aren't just a packaging choice; they're a commitment to a more sustainable, Earth-loving lifestyle. So, keep that glow on your skin and in your heart—because taking care of yourself and the planet is a beautiful thing!

Go ahead and shop the NEW eco-tubes now!

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