Top 5 Ingredients to Fight Cellulite

Top 5 Ingredients to Fight Cellulite

The warmer weather has arrived and we’re all ready to get outside and show a little extra skin. If something like cellulite is holding you back, we’re here to share the top ingredients to fight cellulite as well as some solutions to help your odds in this battle.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a cosmetic skin condition in which the skin on the thighs, hips, abdomen, or other parts of the body have a dimpled, lumpy appearance. It is caused by a buildup of fat underneath the skin and it's often the result of hormones, pregnancy, genetics, weight gain, poor diet, and/or an unhealthy lifestyle. While cellulite can affect men, it is far more common in women as it affects 80% to 90% of them.

I’m sure you have seen different potions and lotions out there promising miracles. The best firming creams are made up of ingredients that reduce inflammation, protect the skin against harmful UV rays, and restore skin cells to their natural state. Beauty companies have tried for many years to crack the code of firming creams, but they struggle to do so naturally.

A Natural Solution

We’ve made it our mission to create dry skin focused products featuring concentrated natural ingredients sourced from the fierce Sonoran Desert to help combat aging, tighten, and firm your skin. We’ve combined tried and tested natural ingredients to create Buzz Chill natural body cream in order to combat the appearance of cellulite while helping to firm your skin.

Tried and Tested Firming Ingredients:

Caffeine and Coffee

Caffeine has been celebrated for its circulation-boosting benefits. When caffeine is used in cellulite creams, it has anti-inflammatory benefits. It reduces some tissue swelling which can create that cobblestone appearance of the classic cellulite look.

Caffeine will also help to improve the appearance of smoother looking skin. The caffeine-cellulite connection is important because caffeine is known for stimulating circulation, which is another important component for promoting the look of smoother skin.


Guaraná is an herb which contains five times the caffeine of coffee and is ideal for boosting energy, supporting natural circulation, and smoothing the skin. It is a vascoconstrictor, which means it reduces puffiness and smooths the skin, creating a youthful glow.

Guaraná has anti-aging and toning properties and is often used as a treatment for stretch marks given its theophylline and caffeine components. It’s antioxidant and antimicrobial properties make it a common additive in cosmetic products. It has been known to aid blood flow to your skin, reduce damage linked to aging and minimize undesirable features, such as saggy skin and wrinkles.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C as the most important vitamin in terms of collagen production. Did you know that Vitamin C deficiency leads to the creation of weak collagen, which in turn leads to looser connections between the skin and underlying structures? These loose connections give cellulite its textured look.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that revitalizes and promotes a natural regeneration for the skin. Vitamin C is also a powerful protectant against the harmful UV rays of the sun, and it occurs naturally in many fruits, like nutrient rich Sonoran Lemons.

Olive oil

Olive oil has long been known for its beauty benefits Olive oil is a natural emollient that provides a long-lasting shield of moisture to keep skin smooth and supple.

The nutrients in EVOO have been shown to tighten and firm up textured cellulite patches. As with wrinkles, olive oil can “attack” cellulite at a cellular level. Massaging olive oil into affected areas daily should show an improvement in the firmness of your skin.

Vitamin E

Similar to Vitamin C, Vitamin E naturally protects the skin from UV rays. Vitamin E is crucial to our health and wellness, both inside and out. It naturally reduces inflammation, protects the skin against inflammation, and smooths skin imperfections.  

BONUS: Organic Shea Butter

Organic Shea Butter adds penetrating moisture to skin. It has an abundance of vitamin A, which helps to repair damaged collagen fibers. This leads to the appearance of plumper, firmer skin. It is also rich in an acid called cinnimac, which helps with proper blood flow to the skin.

Anti-cellulite Ingredients In Action

Buzz Chill firming cream contains all these superstar ingredients! We recommend using the lemony fresh cream liberally by applying daily all over your body. For areas of concern, massage the product in with a roller ball or deep tissue massage. This will help speed the breakup of cellulite. Buzz Chill works on its own but if you work to break up the cellulite while applying it you will see more dramatic results.

Daily dry brushing can also be super beneficial in your quest to minimize dimpling. It’s one of the best things you can do to stimulate circulation, which in turn flushes out excess fluid and swelling that can exacerbate the look of cellulite. In other words, pair dry brushing with a hydrating cream for a one-two punch. Dry brush pre-shower, then apply Buzz Chill which magically transforms into a lightweight oil immediately post-shower.

Using this naturally fragrant cream all over will help to revive, lift, and tone your skin over time. Enjoy the season and firm up your plans for a spectacular summer!

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