Take selfcare into your hands!

Take selfcare into your hands!

When was the last time you took a minute to appreciate your hands? They work hard to allow us to show love, work, eat, and find balance. Your hands deserve to be pampered. We have some ideas.

Permission Granted

When it comes to finding some extra time for selfcare, sometimes all it takes is giving yourself permission. We are sharing a luxurious ritual to encourage you to take a guilt-free moment of Zen. Feel free to make it work for you. Go for a full spa experience or create an express version. Your hands will be grateful either way!

Start At the Top

Begin your ritual by taking a relaxing bath or shower. Consider giving your hair a nourishing natural oil treatment. Simply wet down your hair and run some warm natural oil through the strands. Any natural oil will do. Coconut oil or Olive oil work wonders. Start about 3 inches from the scalp when hair is wet and just let it run all the way through your hair. A little bit of heat will activate but wrap up hair in a shower cap for deeper moisturizing penetration.  

Post-shower is a great time to slather your entire body with a natural body cream to moisturize. If you want to draw moisture into your skin, try Cactus Crush or Serene Marine, made with a dose of hyaluronic acid. For the deepest hydration, go for Boho Coco with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E which combine to form a deeply penetrating, skin softening, dehydration-banishing cream.

Nailed It

You’ve been playing with natural oil and probably have some extra on your hands. Go ahead and use it to massage it into your nails and the area around your nails. This is one of the things we sometimes forget to do. In this ritual you don’t have to buy and use a cuticle oil!

Treat your delicate hands with the same care your face regularly enjoys. If you have it in your vanity, use a natural face scrub like Sia Botanics Revive Facial Scrub to gently exfoliate your hands. Rinse and finish with a generous dose of nourishing Rose Glow luxe hand cream applied as a massage.

Rose Glow

Rose Glow luxe hand cream is full of nourishing ingredients like botanical hyaluronic acid, rose water, and organic aloe juice that help smooth, soften, and protect the delicate skin of your hands from harsh environmental conditions.

The luscious natural cream also provides a luminous mineral veil which helps minimizes imperfections with light deflecting minerals. It absorbs easily without being greasy so you can immediately do all the things, but now is a time to be generous with the amount you use and patient with how it soaks in.

Going Deep

To encourage your luxe cream to penetrate deeper you can cover hands in a plastic wrap or simply cover with a warm towel for about 10 minutes. Take this time to take some luxurious yoga breaths, meditate, or make a mental list of gratitude.

When it’s time, pay attention to your cuticles. This extra love will help reduce annoying hang nails, dead skin, and any other issues that pop up. With consistency, you will get the benefit of strengthening while getting rid of ridges on your nails.

Enjoy your ritual and remember that hand care is just one part of your selfcare routine.

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