Rose Glow Renaissance

Rose Glow Renaissance

The weather is changing, but that’s not the only change in the air! After a bit of a well-earned sabbatical, we are thrilled to re-introduce you to Rose Glow hyaluronic acid hand cream.

Our best-selling hand cream is about to achieve cult status and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you what this PYT has going on!

Eco tubes for everyone!

You may be wondering how we could improve on perfection? Well, friend, we were up for the challenge. First off, we have upgraded Rose Glow’s packaging! We transitioned to eco-tubes made from sustainable farmed sugar cane. These little guys are also BPA free. This change to an eco-positive package is part of our continual effort to make the most conscious choices possible.

It is also in response to many of your request to supersize the amount of cream in the tubes. We’re talking 30% more product!!! Don’t stress though, you can still travel with your favorite hand cream. You’ll cruise right through security with your eco-chic tube!

Not Just a Pretty Face (or hands)

We also were lucky enough to have the great Christine Arcus create another original piece of art to serve as our package design. She got inspired by the succulent ingredients and desert minerals that provide the illuminating mineral veil that makes Rose Glow so iconic.

The look may have changed, but you can still count on the same great combination of desert ingredients, botanical hyaluronic acid and bergamot. Yep, we are delivering the same great formula to serve as your reliable luxury hand cream.

Have we met before?

Wait, you’ve met Rose Glow before, right? She’s a luxurious hand cream full of nourishing ingredients like smoothing Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, softening Rose Water, and hydrating Organic Desert Aloe juice. This Desert Concentrate helps naturally draw in moisture from the environment and lock it into your hands’ delicate skin to protect it from harsh environmental conditions.

A Rose by Another Name

One misconception about Rose Glow is that it will smell like your grandma’s rose perfume. So not true! First off, the “rose” in Rose Glow is inspired by Rosewater, not rose petals. Rosewater is naturally softening and is key to keeping hands supple.

The luscious natural cream also provides a luminous mineral veil which helps minimize imperfections with light deflecting minerals. It absorbs easily without being greasy so you can immediately do all the things. If you’ve ever sampled Rose Glow in person, you are aware of the “Snap Test” to prove the absorption prowess. Be generous with the amount you use!

We hope you love the changes to Rose Glow as much as we do. We’ll continue to bring dry skin solutions to you and do so with a big dose of ingredients that burst with life. It’s the maximalist way.

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