It's Boho Coco Season!

It's Boho Coco Season!

Do YOU Boho? Changes in seasons can be intense, especially when you add in the holiday stressors. If you’re like me and need to make plans for travel, hosting, and gifting, a vacation in a jar is what the doctor ordered.

Boho Coco natural body cream is the thickest and richest of our natural body cream team. It’s a rich and pure cream that will always deliver the deep hydration, on time and in full. Boho Coco was designed with dry skin in mind.

To deliver a mega dose of intense hydration, we use a very intentional formulation. Fueled with Desert Aloe, Organic Shea Butter, AND Virgin Coconut Oil, we designed the most intensive hydration cream we can imagine in a cream your skin can easily absorb.

A Cream For All Seasons

This beautifully thick and luscious body butter is packed with nourishing nutrients and vitamins that will get you through all the seasons. Did you know that, depending on the season, your skin can dry out in two different ways?

In the summertime your skin dries because of your exposure to the elements, like nonstop swimming and excess time playing in the sun. Summertime has more humidity, but when skin is left unprotected, it will become dry.

Everyone loves coconut oil for the spring and summer. After all, it has naturally emollient properties that that absorb better with heat!

But, you get these benefits in fall and winter as well! In the winter, the air is a lot drier. We must deal with the dry air itself just sucking moisture out of the skin.

Sweater Weather

Boho Coco provides a continuous moisture barrier and serves as a luscious thick and protective moisturizer in the wintertime. Our skin will also tend to have thicker layers in the winter. Ahem, SWEATER WEATHER! This means that it’s a smart idea to have a thicker cream because thicker layers will absorb more product.

And if you are a hot shower addict like me, you can reduce the damage done to skin with hot water by using Boho Coco right after and soak up all the coconut oil benefits you activated.

Is there such a thing as too much Boho Coco?

It's never too much. Seriously! In fact, you should continue applying this hydrating goodness on your skin until you can feel it on top of your skin. This means your skin has sipped in all it can use. At this point, you want to let it soak in.

Here’s the thing, your deep hydration cream will continue to absorb for a while and some of it will be drawn away from the top layers of skin by the environment. If you really want to have that incredibly soft & supple skin, consider your body cream application like a hydrating mask treatment. 

Our love for the Boho Life runs deep. For the fellow fans of our thick and rich natural body cream, we have created a value 3-pack so you can really lay it on thick! After all, you won’t get the maximum hydrating benefit unless you Boho hard. When you give it time to absorb, you’ll be able to tell where you need hydration.

Have fun soaking up Boho Coco season and remember that if you’re not actively hydrating, you’re actively dehydrating. Cheers!

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