Head to Toe Skincare Ritual

Head to Toe Skincare Ritual

January is all about making (and breaking) some resolutions for the year. No matter how you’re doing with those intentions, remember that you can always start or start anew any time you want! One easy way to win the new year is to upgrade your selfcare ritual with a luxurious head to toe skincare routine.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a few other woman-owned beauty brand bosses who have made me rethink a well-rounded routine. I want to introduce you to them as we walk through some options to lean into a new Head to Toe Skincare Routine, including hair, face, body, hands, and down there care!

Vama Wellness

Let’s take it from the top. Vama Wellness take special care to bring scalp and haircare back to your roots! Inspired by Ayurveda, VAMA unlocks and harnesses the powerful properties of plant and herb extracts to treat and maintain overall scalp and hair health.

Their 13 Blend Hair Oil is your key to accelerated hair regrowth and scalp rejuvenation. Check out their 13 Blend Pre-Wash Hair Oil  and scalp massage comb for an amazing treatment!

Hibiskus Beauty

Interested in a gorgeous fruit and flower mask that delivers a Balanced Glow? Hibiskus Beauty uses a combination of hibiscus flower extract, vitamin c and 2% Niacinamide to help gently exfoliate, reduce redness, and regulate oil production.

In addition to antioxidants and Vitamin C, the AHAs in the Balanced Glow Flower Mask gently exfoliate skin which helps remove dead skin cells, dirt, makeup and pollution. Your skin will feel deeply cleansed with a complexion that is balanced, brightened and firm.

Pro tip: Use The Succulent Stick as a barrier on spots that are sensitive or prone to being reactive.    

Kaia Skincare

After you activate your skin, make sure you have a soothing follow up, like Kaia Skins Calming Blue Serum, to regain balance. Kaia Skin is an innovative and unique face, skin and hair care product collection which is all-natural, Reiki-infused, and Ayurveda-inspired.

I love their Calming Blue Serum that uses soothing Blue Tansy and protective Squalene in a weightless oil especially beneficial for acne-prone, sensitive, or activated skin.

Moody Mound 

Moody Mound provides essential "down there care" and is formulated by a licensed Esthetician to alleviate discomfort from ingrown hair, razor burn, and hyperpigmentation after waxing. Notorious V.A.G. is perfect if your skin ever acts a little bit...moody.

Formulated with intention, Notorious VAG is a little post shave or wax skin cocktail. A little skin & tonic, if you will. All natural oils will give your skin something to drink while the tea tree oil will help fight bacteria causing ingrown hairs. 

Earth Based Body

You know that we transform dry skin with the most hydrating ingredients on Earth, powered by concentrated plants and minerals found exclusively in the Sonoran Desert.

We invite you to indulge in our collection of luscious creams to cover your body from head to toe, our hydrating lippies to add moisture to your lips and cheeks, and Rose Glow to keep your hands soothed and protected!

It's your year to shine!

Remember that your new year can start on any day of the year. Take a closer look at each of these take women-owned indie beauty brands, upgrade your selfcare routine and treat your body to next level care as you reveal your inner radiance.

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