Capture a Moment of Zen with Lavender

Capture a Moment of Zen with Lavender

If you’re like me, the odds are that you are in constant search for ways to find a moment of Zen when the waters get choppy. Ahem, holiday season gift lists. 

While there is always a new shiny strategy, sometimes leaning on an old friend, like lavender, is the best way to proceed. Lavender has been the chill out herb of choice for centuries and there are plenty of reasons why.

Big D-stress Energy

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When it comes to stress and feelings of tension, you might hear some people say, “hey, try Lavender.” When used for aromatherapy, Lavender has been known to increase feelings of calm and promote wellness. Even if it's just for momentary stress, like shaking off a bad mood, most say Lavender can really help capture a moment of Zen.

Serenity Now!

Lavender perfectly represents the relaxed personality wanting to live a life free from negative feelings. Lavender lovers like to help others and are very content to live a simple, minimalist lifestyle. Our favorite way to use this fragrant flower is in a soothing and hydrating body cream.

Serene Marine is a naturally calming cream that is gentle enough for your sensitive skin while fortifying your skin barrier for smoother hydrated skin. In addition to the subtle earthy aroma of Lavender, Spirulina, CoQ10 and Blue Green Algae combine to help maintain health, elasticity, and tone.

Resilient Beauty

Lavender is a survivor capable of overcoming tough obstacles. There are 47 different species of lavender, and many of them can survive in tough environments. This trait of resilience is important to us, as our key desert derived ingredients are concentrated due to evolving in challenging surroundings.

It shows up in creative expressions, too. Lavender is frequently used in tattoos to symbolize its healing properties. It can also be used to symbolize purity, love, or devotion to a person or to a cause. 

Gift a Moment of Zen

Lavender is loved by people around the world for its beautiful scent and multiple uses. When it comes to intentional gifting, Lavender flower’s meanings include healing, serenity, purity, virtue, and luxury. The popular flowering herb is crafted in essential oils, natural body creams, and perfumes.

Lavender has long been gifted as a sign of love and care, feel free to give that gift to someone this holiday season. Just don’t forget about yourself! Self-care and self-love are always a necessary gift. Capture a moment of Zen with Serene Marine and enjoy the holiday! 

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