Buy Yourself Flowers

Buy Yourself Flowers

Sometimes I think I could be an amazing greeting card writer, but then I realize that I speak in mostly song lyrics and 90’s TV show quotes when trying to relate. I’m also pretty sarcastic. And swear a lot. Like, a shit ton.

When I sat down and attempted to write the sincerest Valentine’s Day note to you, it turned into a pile of mush. My love runs deep.  The process reminded me how much self-love is the only game in town. Maybe it’s cliché, but I want everyone to love themselves for the amazing humans that they are.

For the ladies

With my mush pile pushed to the side, I had no choice but to turn some Disney kids turned bad ass women. I first listened to the wise words of one Miley Cyrus, as “Flowers” is everywhere right now. I’m moved by the message of self-love and empowerment:

“Started to cry, but then I remembered I
I can buy myself flowers
Write my name in the sand
Talk to myself for hours
Say things you don't understand
I can take myself dancing
And I can hold my own hand
Yeah, I can love me better than you can.”

Preach, girl.

What is your favorite way to recharge your battery, fill your love tank, or, ahem, shake it off?

For me, there is nothing better than planning a trip. Filling in every detail from what to pack, where to stay, what to eat, and what to wear gives my little project planning heart all the feels.

There is something magical about travelling solo. The freedom of being authentically you and not having to compromise on what you want to do is intoxicating. Plus, there is so much more incentive to meet people and make unexpected connections.

Recharge anywhere

If a trip isn’t in the cards, take your selfcare where you can get it. A few minutes of meditation helps decompress and get back to calm. I use skincare treatment to double down on the moment of selfcare since I won’t be tempted to start laundry when I’m treating my hands to a mini mask.

This is probably a good time to introduce you to one of my favorite practices…Intentional Slathering. It’s fairly new. Its name is questionable. And, yes, I’m trying to make it a thing.

Intentional Slathering is meant to provide extra self-care in that magical moment after you finish your bath or shower, but before you get into the rush of your day. It also works at night. Just think if you could look at your body cream and set an intention for it as it absorbs into your skin. By the time you cover your body, your muscles will be more relaxed, and your mind will be spongier.  Oh, and your skin will be hydrated and soft.

“I Love Me” is enough.

Valentine’s Day can bring up all kinds of feelings that are with us throughout the year. Just know that you are spectacular and deserve to be seen for the magic you bring to the world. I’d like to close this message with an empowering message from Ms. Demi Lovato in her song “I Love Me”.

“I’m my own worst critic,
Talk a whole lot of shit,
But I’m a 10 out of 10,
Even when I forget.
I wonder when “I love me” is enough?
I wonder when “I love me” is enough?”

The answer to that question is “RIGHT NOW”! Whether you’re on the prowl, comfortably coupled up, or holding your own hand while relishing your “me time”, it’s time to celebrate YOU!

Buy yourself flowers. Dance like no one’s watching. Sing your heart out. Indulge in all the selfcare. Remember you’re a 10 out of 10, even when you forget. You’re worth it, my little Maximalist!




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