Art Imitating Life

Art Imitating Life

An interview with watercolor artist, Christine Arcus, who created original artwork inspired by natural ingredients that gave life to our Lippies.

Creating the new multi-use Lippies was a true passion project. Getting to collaborate with an artist was a dream come true. It was so exciting to be able to bring to life a collection of sumptuous balms that can be used for both lips and cheeks.

When it was time to design the packaging, I knew we had to do something special in celebration of the beautifully hydrating ingredients that serve as the foundation of the balms.

We were lucky enough to collaborate with one of our real customers who just happens to be an amazing watercolor artist, based in Chicago. I’m such a fan of her work! Christine Arcus lives her life in full color. She generously created the original artwork for our new Lippies.

Here’s a bit of the story of our passion project collaboration:

Nancy: How did you feel when I asked you to join this project?
Christine: Pure happiness! Working on a collaboration like this is something that I’ve been dreaming of working on for some time.

Is this your first time collaborating with a brand?
Well, sort of. Yes. It feels like the first time. Wait, isn’t that a Foreigner song? (Queue 80’s montage.)

Make it Work

What was your approach to creating the paintings?
I tried to understand your point of view and vision. Then, I put my own spin on it. I love that you wanted to celebrate the perfect imperfection of the natural ingredients without being too literal. It needed to be my expression of your vision. The result was beyond my expectations.  

Why do watercolor paintings makes sense for this passion project?
Well, the truth is that they DON’T make sense and that’s what is awesome. At the start, I thought maybe designing on a computer would be the smarter way to go. I also considered using a different kind of paint. Then I centered myself and remembered that this is my art. This is what I do. Sure, it’s not done this way very often, but why not get that truly unique expression?

Organic Connection

What was it about Earth Based Body that connects with your spirit?
For lack of a better term, I love how grounded you are in the earthiness of everything. The way you crush up whole ingredients to get the most out of their essence really speak to me. Earth Based Body feels very connected to me on a natural level. I love to work with flowers and natural elements and that is what this collaboration is all about.

What is it like to have the finished Lippies realized and in your own hands (and lips)?
I love them so much! Seeing my artwork as design is still unbelievable. I use them all the time and have gifted them to so many people. Right now, I am using the perfectly minty Get Fresh during the day. I use Root Chakra lip + cheek tint for an evening look. I don’t wear much makeup, so the added tint of warm color is my version of a “night look”.

As an artist, this comes naturally to you, but what would you say to people who struggle to take risks and be creative?
I would tell them that it’s not about finding the time to be creative but more about being creative all the time. It’s a mindset and a way of life.

Collaboration is Magic!

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, setting that creative mindset is definitely inspirational. I encourage you to always be seeking the next passion project that brings joy and feeds your soul.

I hope you have a whole new perspective on your Lippies now that you know how much love goes into each and every one.

It was a pleasure to work with a talent like Christine. In fact, we had so much fun that I’ve convinced her to collaborate again in the future. Check out her artwork HERE and follow her on social.

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