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Flower Crown Beauty Soak

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Tone, soften and hydrate

I feel pretty. Oh, so pretty! Soak up your princess moment in the the botanical beauty of your pretty pink bath. Flower Crown is a gorgeous blend of sea salts, antioxidant hibiscus flowers, and essential oils that have beautifying, toning, softening and smoothing affects for hydrated, glowing skin.

Pro tip: Hibiscus flowers will naturally turn your bath water a hint of pink. That means it's working!

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Pink Himalayan Salts – improves skin toning, softening and hydration

Sea Salts - rejuvenates skin to reveal youthful radiance with remineralized trace minerals, ions, and nutrients

Hibiscus Flower and Alkanet Root – uses powerful antioxidants known to fight free radical damage

Orange Blossom – helps smooth skin, calm reactive skin and reduces redness

Evening Primrose –  calms skin and provides essential fatty acids needed for resilient skin

Lavender Essential Oil: helps maintain a healthy bacteria balance on the skin and reduce inflammation

Ingredients:  Pink Himalayan Salt, Sea Salts, Vitamin E, Hibiscus Flowers, Alkanet Root, Orange Blossom, Evening Primrose, Rose, Calendula, Lavender Essential Oil

Size: 10 oz. | Glass Jar with Bamboo Lid

How to Use

Sprinkle 4-6 scoops into a hot bath. Steep for 4 minutes, like tea, then soak yourself for 5-15 minutes to smooth, soften, and tone skin.